If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to plan your summer vacation.

Yes, but how do you go on vacation without going broke?

Here are 4 tips to use to go on holiday cheaper, or even totally free.

Going on holiday cheaper with Airbnb

On the now very well known Airbnb website, you can book apartments, houses, or even hotels, for really cheap. I had booked a 2 room apartment in Rouen for 27 GBP per night, in August. Unbeatable! And moreover, advantage on the hotel, you can eat there and save on the price of the restaurant.

Airbnb’s little plus is the contact with the owners of the place. The site has a vocation of conviviality. You are therefore sure to be well received. Your host will certainly be pleased to show you the best places to visit in the region, or the good little restaurants in the area.

Note that you too can rent your accommodation on Airbnb for the duration of your holiday (or more), and earn a little (or a lot!) of money. Don’t be afraid, earning money is not bad ?

Go on holiday for less at the campsite

If you think that camping is old-fashioned, think again, the sector has evolved a lot over the last few decades. And the love of the French for camping is not waning, as this infographics shows.

Many campsites now offer superb facilities, extravagant swimming pools and waterslides. But also beautiful children’s playgrounds, trampolines, bouncy castles, video game rooms, etc.

The most economical is of course to go camping with your tent, for a return to your roots. In this case you will just have to rent a camping pitch, and it is very cheap.

But you can also choose a more comfortable stay in a mobile home or bungalow, with real beds and all the equipment of a house.

Some campsites even offer unusual accommodation in the trees, or under a bubble. The offer is really wide: take a look at this selection of cheap campsites for example.

And of course, if you can leave before (or after) the summer holidays, the prices will be much cheaper.

If you have to leave during the school holidays, aim for the first week of July and the last week of August, they are much cheaper than the rest of the holidays.

If your family has a modest income, you may be able to benefit from holiday vouchers issued by the CAF, and accepted at some campsites. Here is a selection of campsites that accept Vacaf vouchers.

Go on holiday cheaper with couchsurfing

If you like human contact, hospitality, beautiful encounters, try couchsurfing. It’s totally economical, since you can stay for free for one or a few nights with a local who offers you his couch, or a guest room.

It is ideal for cheap travel, however it is a way of travelling that is more suitable for singles, or even couples, than for families.

You can travel anywhere in the world: Homestay accommodation is available in more than 200,000 cities on Couchsurfing.com.

Going on holiday cheaper with woofing

Another term for a cheap way to spend your holidays: holidays on a farm!

But this is no idle holiday: you will accompany an organic farmer in his daily work and benefit from his experience to learn the techniques of organic farming. In exchange, your host will give you free accommodation and meals.

In general, woofers spend about 20 hours a week participating in the activities of the organic farm. This may also include learning eco-building techniques.

Woofing is therefore an exchange of good practices, and an excellent way to learn more for free. And the future belongs to those who are constantly learning.

For more information on this cheap and instructive way to spend your holidays, visit wwoof.com.

Do you have any other tips on how to go on a cheaper holiday?