Why It’s Important To Invest Your Savings

Saving money and saving money is my thing. On the other hand, investing your savings is something I’m (a little too) slow to do. So I asked Piter, from the blog Plus riche, a savvy investor, to explain to us the interest of investing. Here is his excellent article.

When I started saving money, I was content, like most people, to leave it on my A passbook: it didn’t bring much money, but at least I was sure I wouldn’t lose any (at least that’s what I thought).

As I was young, I made little money through small jobs that didn’t pay very well, and I felt that I couldn’t afford to lose the little I had saved in risky and uncertain investments. (more…)

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Installment Loan Offers Are Dead Low Interest Phase Not Per Se Favourable

The general assumption is that when interest rates are at a low, this is also synonymous with very cheap loans. A fallacy, as a comprehensive market analysis by consumer protection agencies has now shown.

If they are the interest rates in the basement, the saver suffers and the borrower is Freud. This, or at least that’s how consumers perceive the current low interest rates, study by Palma Violets Loans site shows. Supported also by, always in any medium, finding statements of financial experts that straight now is the best time, in order to convert long-sustained purchases via favorable credit into the reality. Admittedly, this statement is essentially correct, especially as the banks are not tired of looking for potential customers with cheap credit offers. What is the problem? What is presented in advertising as a cheap credit offer often has very little to do with reality in the form of a real credit deal. At least this is the result of a comprehensive market analysis by consumer protection agencies on the subject of “credit costs”. (more…)

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Banking 2020: Digitized And Customer-Oriented

Banks in Great Britain have been working on their new strategy for years. Clear intentions can also be identified for the year 2020 as regards the development of new business areas. Banks and savings banks want to become more digital and closer to their customers.

How can companies succeed in implementing digitization according to their own ideas? And what role will customers in particular play in this development? We take a look at the basics of this development. (more…)

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4 Ways To Go On Vacation For Less

If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to plan your summer vacation.

Yes, but how do you go on vacation without going broke?

Here are 4 tips to use to go on holiday cheaper, or even totally free.

Going on holiday cheaper with Airbnb

On the now very well known Airbnb website, you can book apartments, houses, or even hotels, for really cheap. I had booked a 2 room apartment in Rouen for 27 GBP per night, in August. Unbeatable! And moreover, advantage on the hotel, you can eat there and save on the price of the restaurant.

Airbnb’s little plus is the contact with the owners of the place. The site has a vocation of conviviality. You are therefore sure to be well received. Your host will certainly be pleased to show you the best places to visit in the region, or the good little restaurants in the area. (more…)

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More And More Loans Are Being Taken Out In Europe

Being able to “afford” something – this is exactly what more and more Germans are doing by taking out one or even several loans. This is shown by several new surveys and analyses on the credit behaviour of Germans. Evidence that credit has become socially acceptable?

No money in your pocket and still indulge in consumption. A situation which, according to current surveys and statistics, always applies to German citizens. So there are fewer and fewer German citizens who, according to statistics, can call themselves truly debt-free. So has borrowing finally arrived in society? It seems so, because life on credit has now taken on a dynamic that one can easily conclude that the existence of one or even several loans per household seems to be a certain matter of course. (more…)

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